Wednesday, August 04, 2021


Oy vey! This is what happens when a distracted adult grabs a bulk bottle of dishwashing soap instead of the bottle of dishWASHER soap. It took 4 cycles to clear it out...even though we scooped out bubbles along the way. 

Dad has a childhood friend (yes, I said CHILDHOOD friend) who is visiting. Walt and Judy flew to Anchorage and then drove on out. They'll be staying with his daughter and son in a Air B&B this week. Dad and Walt have been friends over 70 years. Same home town, college....The nurse thought WALT was my dad when I was born.  I didn't snap pictures...because....

They'll all be over tomorrow...and I found this Japanese melon for our cook out. Arielle said they're yummy.....I am hoping she meant they TASTE yummy as I note their name is YUMI. 

 I did get our produce co-op order in. I ordered a few organic melons....we are experiencing a lack of produce around here as it's been a month since our last order. LOL 

Tonight was Gather Bible study. I was impressed at how much ground we covered in a short time and at the back and forth discussions that are developing as we read through the New Testament one day at a time. 

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