Saturday, September 18, 2021

Driving, Shopping, Connecting

 The girls continue to get driving time in....not that they always WANT to get driving time in. 

Fall is definitely upon us. Allie needs some fall clothes. This seems like a good time to get Stacia a few things too. We hit a huge sale at a local consignment store. I force both girls to pick out a couple of fall looks and try them on. 
Slightly reluctant shoppers

Stacia ended up with the red sweater thingy and Allie purchased all three seen here...a nice wool jacket, a fun slouchy thing, and a burgundy sweater. 

Fun outing - I love these girls

Our plan after shopping was to go to Pyrah's Fall festival. We were to meet Josiah and Livie and CoRielle.  We got there and there was a huge line. We've never needed to have prior tickets, but it was obvious we weren't getting in without them.  CoRielle had tickets and stayed. Josiah and Livie stopped by our house as they were out here. Carrie's brother had a trampoline his girls don't use. When he took it down, he sent it out here.  Ours was on its last leg. It's a good solution for all. Alex loaded it directly into the garage. 

I keep trying to catch what we call golden hour. The sun comes shining through the trees and over the mountains and it is breathtaking. 

CoRielle came by after the festival. They got here during golden hour.  Fall evenings are made for campfires. We all gathered at the fire ring.  I'm telling you if you don't have a s'more kit - get one. It's very handy for drop by visitors. 

I have begun making pies with Dave's Thin Sliced power seed bread, a thinly sliced apple, cinnamon and a sugar free max mallow. 

Look at the sun in the trees! And check out "Honey" and the brothers. We love how Benny calls Arielle, "Honey." 

Passing on the roasting technique is serious father/son bonding time. 

A little dark - but yummy. 

Is there anything sweeter than family visiting around a campfire? I'm glad this is something we've carried over from our years of living in the RV. 

Precious evenings for sure. 

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