Saturday, September 11, 2021

Fall Work and Play

 9-11 always brings so many swirling memories and emotions. I remember. I'm not going to blog it this year. I have in the past. 

Fall means facing projects we haven't finished. We realize we aren't going to get the entire house stained before it snows. We are still debating HOW to do the front. I think we need to rent scaffolding. We settled for the getting the worst part done - the back and the south side. 

Michael, Jamin, Alex

Jamin commented every time he visits, he finds himself facing a childhood fear. He doesn't like ladders and heights. We sure appreciated his help.

I knew eventually he'd be on the high ladder.

After dinner we moved outside to the fire ring. These nights are wonderful. 

One of the trees Michael cut down was hollow at the core. He saved this chunk to burn in the fire ring. We decided to stay outside until the fire burned through the center. (Blogging in December and I'm in awe of the green...and the garden beds.)

The fire burned and we discussed our lives, read stories, made plans, checked out the garden...all the things. 

Brussel Sprouts are forming....I have hope...I think I'll plant more next year. 

Dash enjoyed getting out of his hutch to romp around. 

And finally, the fire broke through. I'm glad it took a bit of time. It was nice to simply sit together. 

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