Monday, October 04, 2021

Loving Fall!

Fall is gorgeous in our part of Alaska.  Fall is also the season where we frantically exert energy to FINISH PROJECTS before winter.  We have learned in the last few years - winters are long. If a project doesn't get finished it WILL wait for spring. We are intentionally choosing to embrace FALL this year. To get outside as much as possible and to store up as many memories as possible to carry us through the upcoming winter. 

Fall walks are stunning...lots of colors, leaves to play crunch and play in....

Allie, me, Stacia

Millie does NOT approve of flying leaves on walks

Michael and I are attempting to use our respite hours to be outside rather than simply eating out each week. There are plenty of upcoming dates which will need to be based in doors. Today, we stopped and walked along the Matanuska River. 

Our muscles ache at the end of fall days. We are content to relax inside with hot drinks and another escape room to be mastered by these three. 

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