Saturday, October 02, 2021

October's Family Birthday Dinner

 Warning - blurry photos will be used in this post...because it's what I have. 

Today's family celebration is brought to us by Carrie and Luke - it's their birthday month! Carrie graciously took one for the team and wore the pig hat! How fun it is to have these two join the family this summer. We love the family members the Gherkins are adding to the mix....we are blessed. 

Carrie, Krista, Luke

This was a particularly fun celebration as most everyone was able to attend. BreZaak and JaRissa were unable to attend but the rest of the gang was all present.  I'm really not sure why there new toys for kids...but it must have been the fall feelings getting to Baachan. 

Score - walkie talkies

Uncle Nolan and a book of his own!

Benny loves to help fix dinner

I picked up a few fall crafts for the kids to do today. Liv and Ellie (cousin) had fun putting together their own Thanksgiving tree. 

Cy, Carrie, GG, Michael, Arielle, Cory, Nolan

The dinner shot

Singing Happy Birthday...

More Crafts for the Grands

Fly high, Danny!

Top secret communication

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