Monday, November 29, 2021

Magnificent Monday

Michael had to drive to Anchorage and wait at the VA dental clinic to be seen - stand by. He got in. They confirmed he needs a root canal, which I suspect he needed 6 months ago when he first began having pain in the tooth...but 2 crowns later and he'll have a root canal "soon." The clinic that does those will call tomorrow to schedule. I do feel for him, and yet, he DID enjoy lunch with Josiah in town. 

Meanwhile, Nolan had the day off and watched Grandpa so I could keep a date with my friend, Lindsey. She picked me up at one. We grabbed hot drinks at a coffee shack and drove over to see their new home. She promised I'd be back in an hour...and I was...though we sat in the driveway for quite a bit longer. I savored our time to catch up and connect. So much is going on in their lives...vacation, a new house, new job responsibilities....

We opted for a YOYO dinner - you're on your own. It was fun to discuss a favorite Christmas memory as we ate together. We naturally moved into looking at the name of Jesus from our devotional book. It worked well to just grab a few minutes at the end of dinner. I moved the wreath to the table and we'll see if that continues to work well. 

Totally staged photo! 

Alex disappeared and the rest of us ended the night fulfilling that age old Gherkin Christmas tradition - we watched the Muppet Carol. Still one of my favorite movies! It's worth it to track down an unedited version. 
Not a great photo

But, better than this one. 

Look what came in the mail for me! My 2022 Faithful Life Planner...

The first layout reminds me it's time to be praying about the upcoming year. I do love a new year, new month, new week, new day. LOL 

Finally, a few shots from Krista and Luke (KrUke) from the past couple of days. They continue to keep busy adjusting to marriage and their new jobs. They love to spend time together outdoors. Luke has had a snow machine and bought Krista one too. 
πŸ“· KrUke

πŸ“· KrUke

And since I seem to be making it a theme to share a glimpse of Christmas at the various is a shot of Luke and Krista's tree. 
Cat in the Hat comes to Christmas
πŸ“· KrUke

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