Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Michael turns 61

Michael  informed us he is starting his 7th decade of life. He turned 61 today. He used to tease me about my tendency to think in terms of "running" birthdays. In the Philippines one who turned 61 today  is "running 62" tomorrow...but shoot...7th decade sounds WAY more serious than running 62. LOL 

We will celebrate family wide on Thanksgiving, but we simply can't let a chance to celebrate go by around here. LOL  Rarely a day goes by that I do not thank God for bringing this man into my life. Doing life with him has been one of God's best blessings...valleys or mountains...he's steadfast, compassionate, kind and strong. 

Unfortunately, our day began out of kilter when I had to wake Michael to help me as Dad had fallen. Dad had a hard day, this would have been his 59th anniversary. He hasn't felt well all day. We got dad settled and Michael went back to bed for a couple more was 0600. 

In the midst of lots of  unexpected laundry the dryer, which came with the house, QUIT.  When the washer quit a year ago Michael had found someone giving a washer/dryer away on Craig's list. We stored the dryer as we'd been told by an appliance repairman the dryer in the house was on it's last leg. We got a good year of use from the free washer before it quit last month and we finally bought a new one. We are hoping to get at least a year from the dryer before we have to buy a new one.  In any event - free is a great price. The oven is STILL not working. They are checking to see when the part will be here. They were getting it from ANCHORAGE and it's been over a week now. LOL 

Prepping to move into the laundry room

We had planned to meet Nolan at Michael's favorite restaurant at 5 p.m. Since Dad was having GI issues all day we didn't want to risk a public outing. We called in an order and the girls and I picked it up....temps are dropping. It was -6* already when we came home.  We were glad both the boys were able to be home for dinner and gifts.  

While we picked up the food, the guys finished this...laundry must go on...and on....and on. 

After dinner Michael opened are a few glimpses. Nolan got him a puzzle which will keep he and Nolan busy for most the winter. It's 2000 pieces and is of a couple of women and a girl in a PUZZLE shop. 

These red pens have a very specific purpose -  editing Allie's papers. ::snort:: 

Allie and Stacia laugh as Michael quips about his own red pens

Stacia's package was a bit of a scavenger hunt...there were 8 or 9 steps to reaching the gift...Michael began the journey. 

She gave him a copy of a story/book she's been working on. It will be fun to read it. 

I ran to the church for ladies Bible study after the last gift was opened. I couldn't get the door to open so we settled on going to a local restaurant. It was fun. The rest of the family watched a movie of Michael's choice while I was gone. Mega mind it was. 

When I got home we had ice cream cake....and attempted to SING Happy Birthday. 

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