Saturday, November 06, 2021

Saturday Celebration

Danny turns one year old on Nov 10th. Benny turns 4 years old on Nov 15th.  Michael turns 61 years old on Nov 17th and Jojo turns 1year old on Nov 17th as well. We typically try to have a monthly dinner and celebrate birthday celebrations then....this month we'll celebrate our November birthdays together on Thanksgiving Day. 

CoRielle invited us to join them today to celebrate Danny and Benny's birthday.  Nolan and Alex are working. Michael is preparing for a sermon. Grandpa, the girls and I joined CoRielle, Cy and Livie the Fly Park. 

Cy and Livie brought the boys gifts. Danny loved the crinkling paper as much as the gift. 

Benny is impressed with Danny's gift. He loved his too. 

Three of my favorite seven people in the world in one spot. 
Livie, Danny & Benny 

Livie, Josiah

Look at her go! 

Everyone had stepped and wobbled across these. Benny JUMPED from pad to pad. 

Livie excels at back flips. 

Cory does an amazing back flip too! 

Stacia and Danny 

It was hard to get good photos from the available angels. First they climbed a "high tower," grabbed a rope and swung into a pit of foam cubes. 
Go Allie! 

Yay, Stacia!

Danny loved jumping with Arielle

Look at those guys jump! Cory's a monkey! 

Arielle, Stacia, Livie, Allie

Jump, girls, jump!

 Grandpa and I had a nice visit and helped occupy Danny so Arielle could jump with the big kids! 

We decided to get lunch together after we finished at the jump park. When we asked where he wanted to go, Benny asked for a place with a cheeseburger. We found that place WITH a play area...

With lunch finished CoRielle headed home for the boys to nap. Cy and Livie came to our house.   Stacia and Livie began working on Benny's birthday cake.  These will turn into planets. She will bake most inside the cake so that they show up when the cake is cut....four of the planets will float above the cake on skewers of some sort, a rocket will blast off from the cake into the planets.  The party won't be until Thanksgiving....check back if you want to see how it all turns out. LOL 

While the cakes baked, and we visited, the girls played Twister. I am once again very thankful for the basement oven. 

Millie didn't get her morning romp and run...she was quite ready to play this afternoon. 

It was a great day...Grandpa enjoyed the outing. Michael was able to work on a sermon with quiet, I enjoyed being with the kids and grands, we got a bit of time with Josiah and Livie back at the house before they leave for an adventure to warmer areas. 

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