Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday Shopping Spree

GG woke up feeling sick this morning, but didn't remember feeling sick by the time the rest of us were ready to go to church...NONETHELESS, I arranged care for Grandpa so the girls and I could meet Michael at church.  He DOES seem to be fine.  In "this day and age," it pays to be careful. 

Stacia is working on 3 cakes for Thanksgiving. She needed some obscure elements to complete a mirror technique. I don't know what I'm talking about here. ::snort::   Michael's is the best option we've discovered locally for cake supplies.  If anyone has other suggestions we'd love to hear them! 

Michael didn't want to spend the afternoon shopping;  he proposed lunch in our little town and then he would go home and we girls would head to the next town over to do some "serious" shopping. This was good in our eyes. ::snort::

We looked for cake supplies - Stacia thinks she can tweak what she found and make it work. She'll try a practice mirror cake and see what happens.  We looked at planners - I came home and ordered the same "Faithful Life planner" I have this year. I like it, and it's working.  We looked at office supplies - Allie bought some pens.  We looked at Christmas decorations - I bought a few strands of wooden beads for the tree, planning to go VERY simple this year and leave most the ornaments packed away. It's what I'm feeling this year.  

SomeHOW THIS jumped INTO my cart, and once it was IN the cart and rung up, it seemed to be in POOR taste to send it we loaded it up and gave it a home in the girls' room. 

They also put a new strand of lights around the ledge in their room.  Seriously, Allie loves winter; Stacia struggles with it. My hope is the tree will add a touch of cheer and remind the girls how much we love them throughout the season. Being a basement room, it gets a bit dreary in the winter - the tree and lights brighten it up.  Stacia has darling salt dough ornaments from BreZaak's kids. Unfortunately, Millie ATE the ornaments on the bottom 1/2 of the tree. WHAT in the WORLD? 

On the way home I noted the gas gauge was getting uncomfortably close to empty. I did NOT want to stop as it was COLD...but I suspect it will be colder tomorrow a.m. when we need to use the car. 

That is the BOO - the YAY is getting .70 a gal off  - bringing the price down to $2.89 a gal.  AND not running out of gas in negative degree weather is always a big YAY. 

We got home and the girls decorated, we chatted, we coordinated calendars, lined up respite care for Grandpa where needed, shared Sunday night treats and we called it a day! 

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