Sunday, December 05, 2021

A Great Sunday in Advent

 Carrie is a nurse at a local hospital and works nights. What a blessing it is that she was able to come out with Josiah and Livie today. Ellie, Livie's cousin came as well. The girls have been working on the sledding "hill" and this was the perfect day to pack it down. 

Stacia, Allie, Ellie, Livie

Hey, Livie!




Ah, Jamin arrived with a sled! This was good news. He was able to go further, packing down more of the "run."  I think we need to get out and pack it down tomorrow...then maybe spray it with water so it will be a bit icy. That should help them reach the end of the run. The first year they went into the garden we know it CAN be done. 

Alaska's realtor at play in Alaska

When everyone had had their fill of outside, we moved inside. I brought out a little "gingerbread village" for the young girls, Carrie and I to work on.  It also serves as a bit of practice before the annual gingerbread competition. LOL 

Go Livie! 

Carrie's house

These two came to our rescue when we ran out of frosting. They whipped some shortening/sugar paste up. 

Arielle and the boys showed up as we finished the village. Cory was still busy at the church. 
Danny and Arielle

Benny and Uncle Jamin 

Josiah telling a story

CyRi needed to head back to Anchorage. Jamin also headed up the road. Nolan came home from work. We moved on to the evening's Advent Scavenger Hunt. 

Allie retrieved the clue for today's advent hunt. 

Scavenger Hunt Clue: HP's abode.

First, they all ran down to the study and checked the HP printer boxes in the hallway. 

Then, they all crowded into my nook...because you know, computers. 

At this point I had mercy and gave them another clue...HP doesn't necessarily mean Hewitt Packard.  Nolan proved his quick reasoning when he said, "Harry Potter."  The space under our stairs - Potter's Closet. 
The girls spotted it and waited for Benny to find it. 

Tonight's gift was a family activity. A big tin of popcorn and a movie - Mr Roger's Neighborhood. 

Arielle told Benny they needed to go home. He showed HIS quick reasoning when he asked for a cup without a lid...then he politely asked Allie to fill it with popcorn for the drive home. LOL 

We DID watch the movie and loved it. It's very well done and brought back happy memories, along with a few sad ones. 

Krista sent more photos of their Christmas decorating efforts. She and Kaelyn have been at it....

I think the taxidermy adds a nice Alaskan touch to it all. Don't you? 

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