Sunday, December 19, 2021

A Great Sunday

I was excited to help Brittany in children's church today.  It's always fun, but this week the kids were sharing their Christmas song. Bella and Gideon (BreZaak's kids) are second row - left side with the blue arrow pointing to them. 
📷by Bre

 The kids did a great job! We met CyRi for lunch today.  They spent the afternoon with us. At one point, Livie asked if we'd done Advent yet.  Quick thinking pointed out she wanted to be part of the Advent Scavenger hunt. We let her pick the clue. 

Advent Scavenger Hunt Clue: Sine Wave Generator

Yeah, there was a lot of head-scratching over THAT clue. Next came the googling. 

Stacia, Livie, Allie

Meanwhile, the girls were in the kitchen, downstairs....and finally they came back to almost the same spot they'd started. They had googled, which sparked Stacia's memory of a music theory lesson with Michael.  They decided the clue had something to do with music and it would be somewhere by the keyboard. Tonight's gift was a bag of Lindor Truffles. 

Jamin stopped by shortly after the hunt. It was nice to catch up with everyone this afternoon. Bre sent the photo below. They had ordered Power Ranger costumes for the kids and decided not to make them wait for Christmas. LOL 
Bella, Annie, Gideon 📷by Bre

The sky was AMAZING at sunset....3:34 p.m.  We don't often see very much color as we are surrounded by trees and mountains, but it was gorgeous this afternoon. 

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