Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Coop Cleaning Day

Michael and I took advantage of the warm weather to clean off the poop shelf in the chicken coop, shovel out all the shavings, and put new shavings down. They seemed appreciative of our efforts on their behalf. 

 We dumped one load in the compost bed and scattered the other over the ice and mud in this sheltered part of the chicken yard. They finally came outside. They've been inside since it started snowing.  The first two years the chickens were outside most the winter, but these are content to stay in. These haven't had any frostbite even when we were down to -16*. We don't like the freezing rain and ice...but it IS nice to have warmer weather to get out and do a few of the animal chores. 

Stacia and Millie must have been up late last night. I thought it was funny she was sleeping with one arm around her laptop and the other around Millie. 

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