Thursday, December 02, 2021

Winter Rhythms

The sunlight is getting shorter, though the days feel long.  It was dark this a.m. when Allie and I left for Bible study. A funny thing happened while we talked. Our waitress came to see if everything was o.k. I'd just taken a bit and tried to answer her and somehow got bread down the wrong pipe...or tube...but I was choking. I made quite a scene, but all is well.  It was dark when we got back home to pick up Stacia. Stacia has been approached about being a Mommy's helper one morning a week for a young family. She met with them today. She has already finished many of her 1/2 credit spring classes, she can get her work done in 4 days if need be. This will work. 

While Stacia met and played with George and Adeline, Allie and I ran an errand.  Then it was back home for the girls to hit the books. 

Michael had another appointment today - this one with a chiropractor. We think it's helping with his pain and movement. The nice path I had shoveled from the house to the compost bed in the little greenhouse has disappeared. 

Grandpa took a nap. . .  The sun rose at 9:51 this a.m. and set at 3:41 p.m. We are at 5 hours and 50 minutes of sunlight. We are 20 days out from the shortest day of the year and then we'll begin adding daylight every day. 

I am making a conscious effort this winter to listen to my body and to embrace the rhythm of winter. That rhythm seems to dictate tea at about 3 p.m. This has not been my normal practice, but I love it. Stacia joined me today for tea and apples.  Then she went and took a nap while I started a new book. It's the time of year when I am conscious of reading leadership books in prep of our minister credential renewals. I'm open to suggestions of books which would be beneficial for leadership/ministry/life....

Check out the candle - it's finally MOVING

Allie finished her day's schoolwork and joined me making loads of veggies for dinner. Michael returned home and grilled steak for everyone but me. I'm supposed to limit red meat to once a week...and who knows what I may still want before the week is up...maybe a bacon cheeseburger. ::snort:: 

Izaak bought a new tree for Bre. Isn't it beautiful? Here is anoter Gherkin Christmas Glimpse....this time from BreZaak's home. 

πŸ“· by Bre

πŸ“· by Bre

There old tree is in the kids' room now. Gideon and Bella show it off for us. 
πŸ“· by Bre

I can tell its winter as it's 8:08 PM and everyone is in bed but Michael and I. Go figure.

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