Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Simply Stacia

It's time for a couple of random, totally bragging, "Mommy stories."  Stacia worked hard last year....she was driven... She was working at a local cafe, taking a BIG school load, and baking cakes etc. She handled it, but we all sensed a need for her to step back... Her stress level was higher than we thought was necessary for a 10th grader. One doesn't have to do EVERYTHING before 18 (Stacia is currently 16). 

This year's pace is much less frenzied. She's taking a full Junior year of courses. She works as a "mommy's helper" one day a week. She is able to focus on an in-depth Brit Lit course and writing.  She is taking her 3rd credit of Japanese. We are standing back with curiosity to see how God weaves her dreams and skills into a future. She would love to travel, would love to spend time in Japan, and wants to someday own a cafe - a community hub. A cafe that would bless the community while providing her income.  She is currently praying about what to do the year after she graduates. She may take a gap year and travel (to include Japan), she may pursue college, or she has a thought of buying a food truck and starting on the road to a cafe/bakery. Who knows? One thing I know is God will faithfully lead one step at a time as she listens and follows...and we will all be amazed at how the picture will weave all the threads together. 

 The shift in her schedule has given her time to delve deeper into cake baking and decorating. This cake was ordered from her first REPEAT customer. πŸ˜€

They wanted an 8 inch cake showcasing their daughter's hobbies: sewing and building. Yadira is GREAT about finding photos of the cake she wants online and then tweaking it with Stacia. 

Stacia baked the cakes and then planned 3 days for decorating. Day 1 she worked on the fondant pieces for the sewing half of the cake. 
Sweet lace

Buttons anyone?

Day 2 she worked on details for the building side of the cake. 
I LOVE these little doo dads

Day 3 she put it all together. 

I think something like this would make a fun cake for a man who is into building or wood working...

The finished cake...this was a fun cake to watch come together. 

Yes, she is charging for her work.  She did this cake and some cupcakes for $100.00. We are pretty impressed with how her skills are developing...She hasn't taken a class, she DOES watch YouTube videos. I'd like to find her a class in the near future, or someone who decorates cakes and would like to mentor her. I'd also like to find more outlets for her practice cakes...because we have two diabetics in this house. ::snort:: 

We are proud of Stacia's work this year...her willingness to step back from activity and course-correct, her determination to do life well, her heart to connect with others.  She's a jewel. 

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