Thursday, January 06, 2022



Epiphany and we have four big, beautiful, full blossoms. 

We had thought to have a household gift exchange today, but details didn't come together. We will do it on Nolan's next day off - Jan 11th. 

Allie and I drove around town and drank tea today. Michael prepped a sermon. Nolan worked to finish a course or two. Alex worked. Grandpa read the paper and napped. Stacia made more cake bomb - giant truffle thingies. 

I made Roasted Vegetable Pasta Primavera from The Skinny-ish Dish for dinner. I thought it was good. I would spice it up and it would become a love it for me. As is it rated one ate it, three like its and one love it.  At least there were no hate its. The veggies were yummy...Michael and Dad added salmon to theirs. 

Stacia has been looking for this game and finally found it this week. We spent an evening playing it. It's a fun game, though I will make sure I am NOT sitting next to Michael next time. 

Epiphany...and now Christmas is truly over...but then again...don't we aim to keep Christmas all year long? I will leave most my decor up until after the family gift exchange on Saturday. 

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