Sunday, February 13, 2022

February Birthday Celebration

 There's a whole lotta cake at our house today! 

It turns out Livie doesn't like Cookies and Cream over Moosetrack ice cream.  Ah well, one can never make too much ice cream cake.  I could swear someone in February requested Cookies and Cream last year. Stacia's cakes were a hit too. We have a bit of the 6-inch cake left - and tomorrow IS Valentine's Day. 

Josiah and Liv (Carrie was working), Bre and kids, CoRielle and Jamin joined us to celebrate February's birthdays.  

Our Birthday Gang - minus Nolan (23) and plus Annie and Gideon
Cy (33), Alex (20), Livie - center (9), Jamin (31)

It was good to sit and visit together. Yes, there was much running around the circle and indoor snowball fighting.... I was sad I didn't get better pictures of the kids, but really this blur of a boy sums it all up quite nicely. 

After everyone but Jamin had headed home we sat around and talked a bit more. Jamin is our real estate pro - he is currently tied for number one spot of pending sales in Keller William (for this quarter maybe?). That is HUGE considering he is one man, and her team has 20 - 30 agents under her. I can't quite fathom how many hours he is putting in finding homes for folks. Anyway, I mentioned maybe we should look for a home with a better set up for the kids during winter gatherings. Jamin told us to sit tight. He's right - summer will come and this is a great place for summer/fall gatherings...just a bit tough that the adults seating area surrounds the kid's racetrack. LOL 

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