Sunday, February 06, 2022

When the Moose Come to Play

 We've noticed there are moose tracks everywhere as we trudge through the snow in the yard. In fact, our property seems to be a moose highway. This is to be expected with the back acre or so being wooded.  They cut diagonally across the property, with a notable detour to the garden where the current compost bed is cooking.  We've known they were visiting, but we've not seen much of them. 

We began spying them again as we flipped the calendar to February.  They usually arrive in ones or we weren't terribly surprised to see this gal in the brush. 

Wait! There's TWO moose rumps in the brush...

Or...maybe THREE!

Four? YES...four moose rumps in the yard! 

Now, we've had up to five in the yard at one time, but they aren't usually all in one spot. We have a moose convergence...

This little one is very interested in our sledding run....

This one would rather eat branches. 

I thought I saw a bull in the group. 

We still haven't figured out the hunting around here. It seems best to have a cabin, or an ATV. I would love to have a moose in the freezer this year with prices going sky high for meat - when it's even available. 

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