Sunday, March 20, 2022

About that Paper

When Dad moved in the summer of 2019, he wanted the paper delivered. This seemed like a simple desire to fulfill. 

We subscribed.

Krista put up the box. 

They didn't use it. 

We began to have trouble not receiving the paper. 

Michael put the box up in a different spot. 

They still didn't use it. 

I call each time the paper isn't delivered. They are SUPPOSED to bring it out. 

I've been told if I had a box, I wouldn't miss it. I do have a box.  The box really doesn't work in the winter - the snowplows cover them in snow. 

One time the man came to the door and said the paper WAS delivered it was in the ditch north of my driveway. Um....unsatisfactory. 

I guess I'm expected to wade in the snow drifts to find the paper.  Funny enough I HAVE been out there with a snow shovel digging around to be SURE the paper isn't out there before I call it missing. 

Every morning dad eagerly waits to see if the paper has been delivered or if I will have to call them. I have to do this before 9 a.m. or he doesn't get a paper for the day. 

This morning Dad asked if I'd checked to see if a paper was delivered. I'm so happy parts of the driveway are melting. It has been treacherous to get the paper.  I headed up the drive and low and behold!!!! TWO PAPERS! 

 None on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and TWO on Sunday. Maybe it evens out. LOL  I can't help wondering whose paper we received. 

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