Friday, March 04, 2022

An Askew Review

Jared's day went askew. He has borrowing Alex's truck while in town and the engine seized! That certainly changed the trajectory of the day. He spent hours by the time the truck was towed to our mechanic, the mechanic looked at it, we coordinated what to do and finally, the tow truck picked it up again from the auto shop in Anchorage and brought it out to our home...if anyone knows where Alex can buy a new engine, he's open to suggestions. 

This is a fun diversion as we wait for breakup to take effect. Our last frost is the end of May so it will be a while before I'm planting seeds...but I'm dreaming. I've asked everyone to mark seeds which look fun to try. 

I am contemplating planting a pumpkin patch this year in part of the garden. Parents could bring their little ones to a safe location to pick a pumpkin, we could serve hot chocolate, apple cider and cookies in the yard.  My problem is figuring which pumpkin variety will grow up here and when to plant it to have it in October....because we might have snow by then so maybe I should aim for a fall pumpkin patch in September????? What to do? 

Jamin was out this way showing a house. It's always fun when his little white hybrid shows up in our driveway. Often, he sits out there for 10 -15 min before he comes in - phone calls. We laughed as he kept having to deal with business calls while we visited. He's just back from a conference/vacation in Florida. Jamin has 9 houses sold or pending in 2022 - that's great for 2 months. 

My first walk of 2022! I want to get back into my routine of walking 3 -5 miles a day. I've had trouble fitting it in with my caregiving schedule...and it shows. ::snort:: I like to walk in the mornings, but no one is around to stay with Dad.  Allie was heading out for an afternoon walk and invited me to go with her - perfect. It is about to start getting light earlier and earlier and I will soon go EARLY....because I have to go and be back before Dad wakes up. 

We continue to love our study times together, which spill over to dinner conversations from time to time. This week the girls and I discussed hinderances to being used of God....jealousy, rejection, insecurities, we looked at the life of Saul. 

We pulled lessons from David's life to illustrate how to handle our internal struggles. Hard to believe we've completed week 4 of this study. It's time for me to begin looking for the next one. Locally we are on week 2 so there is a bit of wiggle room. 

This is the perfect night to watch Dispicable Me 2. 

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