Monday, March 21, 2022

Ooops....or Another Positive

 This is a rather odd place to find a mug of green tea. I was thankful the mug didn't break and that it landed upright. 

Yes, this morning I got my spring of 2022 ice fall out of the way. I seem to biff on the ice at least once every spring.  Nothing worse than a few scraped body parts. 

Michael had been told if he was symptom free on Monday he could be out and about on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the VA Dental clinic isn't following the local or CDC guidelines. LOL They told him he must be symptom free for 5 days before they will let him come in. Poor man. 

I had a scratchy throat on Sunday. I tested negative.  Today, Monday I still had a scratchy throat, was congested and developed a fever, unusual for me.  I decided our rule has kept us well, "If you don't feel good stay home!" Who cares what it is or isn't? Anyway, I began making plans for Tuesday and Wednesday events.  Sure enough I tested positive Monday afternoon. So much for isolation. LOL 

Our four young adults are doing fine - not a sniffle in sight. 

A pause in the schedule can be a good thing. 

It's all good. 

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