Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Baachan's Restful Babysitting Gig

First a disclaimer: I love being a hands-on Baachan. I love to do crafts, take walks, read books, plant gardens and play with our grandblessings.  

Today, however, Stacia and Allie accompanied me to BreZaak's. Some weeks are crazy. I don't know how it happens. We ended up with 2 appointments on Monday, 2 appointments on Tuesday, 3 appointments today, 3 appointments scheduled for Thursday, 4 appointments on Friday, 2 appointments on Saturday and we're having a houseful on Sunday.  I ADMITTED it's a bit crazy and not our typical week. I cracked up when Allie commented, "THIS is why quarantine is not so bad." ::snort:: This led us to consider planning a family quarantine every 6 -8 weeks. LOL  We honestly DO have margin in our lives, but things piled up this week...some which HAD been on the calendar for the weeks we were at home with Covid. 

All that to say, I was tired this afternoon and still had Bible study in the evening.  I was thrilled when the girls told me they were done with school and would like to come with me. 

Stacia played with the children. 
Gideon, Bella, Auntie Stacia, Annie

BreZaak have a lovely German Shepherd. She's a bit terrifying to most of us. Allie is the dog whisperer. Lady is usually in her kennel or behind a gate in their kitchen when company is over - and she's loud.  Allie took Lady for their typical walk. Then they played in the living room while the kids played in the family room. 

And me? I stretched out on the couch - between the two camps - and enjoyed the rest while watching the hubbub. 

Meanwhile, back at home, Michael was keeping GG safe and repairing batteries on our RV. He also earned "Best Boyfriend" award by bringing home pizza for dinner. 

It was encouraging, challenging and refreshing to discuss the Fear of the Lord, our source of wisdom, as the ladies and I began our 6-week jaunt through Proverbs. Good stuff. 

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