Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Millie's Home Cut

When we realized a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't get Millie into the groomer until June 1st, we made the appointment and began to research other options. We called another place in town and they can't get her in until August...but they suggested we watch YouTube videos on doodle cuts.  There has been a bit of skepticism about how she will LOOK if we groom her, and how much time it will take...but's $125 every time we take her in, and she is supposed to go in every 6 weeks or so. We TRY to keep her in good shape. We DO brush her daily. We bathe her.  She's just a mess. 

My thought is to find some clippers and give it a shot...I mean if we butcher it, they can shave her in June or August.  Right? And if we learn how to do it, we can keep her shorter as it won't cost $125 to get her fit and trim. 

Her face is a mess. They leave it long....and since she can't see and we are not getting her in until August....I figured it was worth a try. 

Millie is smart. We let her get used to the scissors...she quickly learned if she came in close to cuddle, I couldn't cut her hair. 

Working together we figured it out.  We realize the cut isn't EVEN but she can see again. LOL 

This was all from her face. 

I am going to see if they have dog clippers at Animal Warehouse and we'll give her body and a leg or two a try next. I can tell it will be a rolling cut. LOL  As in it will take several days to get it done. 
She's already much more mannerly with just the face trim. LOL 

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