Sunday, April 10, 2022

Murder Amongst Friends

We were happy to have a couple of families over after church. For a bit of time the kids were in the basement, and we heard the happy sounds of a bunch of young adults socializing...and then Noah came up and invited us all to a game of Mafia. 

What could be more appropriate than a rousing game of Mafia after church? LOL We anticipated this dinner to be on March 20th...and then Michael got Covid...and we scheduled again and Allie had covid....and we scheduled again and Stacia had covid and there was illness in other families as well. 

Michael, Danny, Krista, Noah, Jessica, Bryce Melany
Ketziah, Lorelai between the recliners

Jessica, Allie, Stacia

It was fantastic to FINALLY make dinner happen today. We kept it simple...fajita bowls, salad and pizookies. I made some sugar free brownies in a cast iron skillet for myself and Dad. 

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