Saturday, April 16, 2022

Random Glimpses From This Week

 It's time to share random glimpses from our week.  This was the BEST SPECIAL DELIVERY we received all week! Danny continues to dislike the sun and the snow. 

It's fun to see this room being used as we envisioned. Puzzles and painting this week. 

THIS was a highlight of my week.  A new Alec Benjamin album was released and the girls decided to see if they could play one of the songs together. 

We are proud of Jamin! He passed his exam and is now a full-fledged Broker! He's going to places and it's fun to watch. Way to go! 
📷by Jamin 

Two catalogs - different covers, came insides - one student! We'll find time to start planning next week. 

 I'm glad KrUke found the time to get out for another snow machine adventure...

Our girl sees the world through some serious rose-colored glasses.

Ah - we've all felt like this off and on this week. Allie took a nice bath and relaxed after a busy morning out and about. 

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