Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Vets, Cookies, Chicks and Greenhouse Project

This Wednesday began differently than most. Allie and I moved Bible Study from Thursday to this morning due to upcoming scheduling conflicts.   I got Dad up, showered and settled with the paper and his breakfast and we headed out. We discussed the wisdom of impact in resisting temptation, and I'll discuss that on Friday with Stacia. 

A bit later in the day Millie visited the vet. They said they've been seeing a lot of doodles and they love the energy and bounce. Yay. LOL  Seriously, she settled down but it took a lot of help from Stacia and Allie.  Millie is scheduled to get spayed in June.  They asked me if it would be hard to keep her quiet for 2 weeks. Um? Did you say you know the Labradoodle breed? LOL They said they'd give us sedatives. 

Nolan and the girls watched an episode in some Marvel series they are watching. It's a challenge to find a time when all 3 are home and available at the same time.  One of the joys of being done with school is there a bit of time for things like this. LOL 

Stacia played around with her new flower nail and meringue. 
Both girls are sporting gifts from Kirsta LOL
Allie's shirt; Stacia's decorating tools 

Allie agreed to give it a try and learned a new skill.  

Michael worked off and on in the greenhouse building a shelf. It's hard to get good momentum going when we are constantly having to shuffle schedules - but we get it done. He had just started when he had to come in as we left for the vet. He worked more until we had to leave for Youth and Women's Bible study. 

Yes, we enjoyed our various church groups last night. And there are the chicks...always the chicks. 

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