Sunday, June 05, 2022

Last Day of School

 Here are some shots for a momentous day over at BreZaak's this week. The kids finished their first year of homeschooling!  Bre sent some fun photos. 

The whole gang!
Bella was K & Gideon in Preschool

Gideon's first day of school is on the right! Look how much he's grown this school year. 

Bella's first and last day of school. 

Annie's last day of Pre-3...she began telling us she was "almost 3" months before she actually became 3. 

Bella celebrates the start of Summer! 

Bre is using Sonlight, a literature-based curriculum, along with various things from other publishers. The kids have thrived this year.  I believe BreZaak are giving their kids a gift of imagination by reading great books with kids. So much of life is now video-driven... there is something about creating the pictures from the words with your own imagination that is to be treasured. It is ironic to me to be finishing up our last baby with Sonlight's high school offerings while the grands begin their journey with Sonlight. 

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