Thursday, August 11, 2022

A Great Day


Our routines are getting back to normal. We are still all meeting together once a week instead of the typical twice a week thing...we are working through some "Table questions" as I use the girls for a focus group to see how the format may work for a monthly opportunity for women this fall.  The girls are enjoying it. 

We ran by the pharmacy to get more meds for Dad. I was so thankful Stacia and I had run in last night and we didn't have to go in today. 

Michael met a friend across town for coffee and then went on to his weekly appointment. He was gracious enough to run Allie's old laptop by our charter school. 

At home Allie worked on a play/script she is writing for Stacia's birthday. Stacia rested and wrote. I puttered around the garden a bit.  I will never plant another garden without is so fun to see a valiant bloom in the midst of the chickweed and such. LOL 

It has another 5 - 6 weeks right? Maybe I'll get some pumpkins...not the pumpkin patch I envisioned. 

More dragon egg far they're our most prolific. 

Kombocha...maybe it will mature in 5 - 6 weeks. 

Michael has been working at integrating our flocks. The new chicks are still skittish. They stay to themselves but there have been no big fights. I can barely wait until these girls begin laying eggs. We are so TIRED of feeding chickens without eggs. We are debating meat birds next year. 

I pulled about half of the broccoli plants. The chickens were happy to eat them. I fed the rabbit some greens I had let go for him. It had gotten gooshy during all the rain. I found one little cauliflower head and folded the leaves over it. The Brussel sprouts are sprouting and the tomatoes and cucumbers are set. I don't think the watermelon is going to mature. Even in the greenhouse I don't think it's been warm enough. I have LOVED having fresh basil and am contemplating the best way to keep the trend going over the winter. I may grow some herbs under grow lights. 

I placed this stick in the corner for the chickens to play on TWO years ago. Those chickens never once tried it. These gals love it. They've been roosting on top of the bunny hutch; I think it feels like home to them. 

Nolan ran Allie to work, and Stacia and I went to work making pizzas.  This was to be our offering for Life Group potluck tonight. That and chips and quacamole....not because they go together but because I have an over-abundance of avocados to use. 

Pepperoni, ham & pineapple, pesto chicken, BBQ chicken

Bre called when we were in the midst of pizza making to say her childcare arrangements for swim lessons had fallen through. I knew taking two littles to Life Group was a bad idea...but I was fairly sure Annie would enjoy herself. She did. It turns out she knows three of the ladies and one youth from the nursery. She enjoyed dinner and sat well during our devo....I had to get up with her near the end. 

When we got home Annie told her Dad she, "weally had fun."  She also told me how much she loved me several times during Life Group. We're currently studying what it means to Love God and Love our neighbors as ourselves...I think she took the clue to let me know how she felt. Kids listen more than we give them credit.

A great day - bookended with community - gardening and chickens in the middle. LOL 

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