Saturday, August 20, 2022

August's Family Dinner - Hello Little Buddy

 A couple of months ago we decided to designate the same Saturday each month for our family dinner/celebration. We opted for an early meal, so Nolan and Allie could both be there. Nolan kept getting scheduled over the time....and Allie's schedule has changed. We decided to change for dinner instead of lunch as that is best for the young kids (after nap) and Nolan "is always working."  

Nolan surprised us. He arranged to come home early and be here. The general manager even made SURE he got out of there in time to join us! It was a great surprise. 

This month we had much to celebrate: Stacia's 17th birthday, CyRi's 1st anniversary and Little Buddy is home with CoRielle as their journey continues

Toddlers were quick to come with dessert

Josiah, Carrie, Livie

Benny, Annie, Gideon and Stacia (17th bday)

"Luke! Let's go see Uncle Luke." 

There appears to be an early warning system with Uncle Luke and Aunt Coco arrive. They always bring the coolest things. Today it was the expected salad, but also some yummy eats, kinder eggs for the kids, these water balloon things and a chocolate orange. LOL 

Jared explains this whole ranked choice voting. I guess we have to wait a couple weeks to find out who wins. 
Alex, Jared, Michael

Cy and Stacia

Several brought gifts for CoRielle as they welcome Little Buddy into their home. Diapers, Goldfish, Z Bars, twin outfits, a shirt for Benny, a "sprinkler toy" ...
Cory, Little Buddy, Arielle, Danny, Benny 

Gifts for Baby Noah Michael - due in January

Cory and his 3 boys


The kids surround Aunt Stacia while she opens her gifts.
📷by Carrie

The kids were determined to play on the trampoline...and honestly when the house is full it's nice to let the activity spill into the yard.... what's a tad bit of overcast? I am guessing Little Buddy had never been on a trampoline, but he caught on very quickly. 
Little Buddy & Arielle

Luke and Krista had brought one of these toys for each family. Benny and Livie tried to get Uncle Luke wet. 

These two gave up and simply began to lob balloons at Luke. They missed each time. LOL 

A sure sign it's a family celebration.

Dip-netting seems to have cemented Liv and Benny's relationship. It's fun to watch. 
Arielle, Little Buddy, Liv and Benny 📷by Carrie

Meanwhile Danny checks out the chicks📷by Carrie

📷by Carrie

Liv did a GREAT job with the little ones📷by Carrie

📷by Carrie

Dessert - ice cream cake, cheesecake and yumminess Krista made....shortbread cookie, with an apple topping, all covered in a dome of hard chocolate...

📷by Carrie

It is fun to have Jared and Larissa in the area! Jared was especially helpful cutting the ice cream cake tonight. LOL 
📷by Allie 

CoRielle, CyRi, JaRissa and Jamin left. Bre and kids had arrived a bit later and still had some party left in them. We settled into a rousing game of Apples to Apples...

Jojo and Bre were quite a team! 

Allie and Krista caught up while we played. 

A picture of that cookie, apple, chocolate
yumminess Krista made

Little Buddy wears these cool glasses - sometimes. He's one and so he doesn't wear them all the time... 
He began to pull them off, put them back on and then we realized he was playing peek a boo with himself.  The photo is darling - but shows his face and if I blur it and you don't see his expression the photo makes little sense. LOL 

As we said goodbye to CoRielle, I leaned into the van and talked to each of the boys. I told Little Buddy we'd see him again soon. Benny replied, "No, Little Buddy may not see you next time." 

I reminded him, "Benny, Little Buddy lives with you now. I'll get to see him when I come play with you." 

Benny had the sweetest, hugest smile I've ever seen when he replied, "That's right!" 

Jumping in to make sure this is clear.
Photos - I have clarified this morning (8-22). According to our case worker in the state of Alaska we are allowed to post photos of foster children as long as we don't identify them. As an added measure of security, WE have chosen NOT to post full facial photos, but will post profiles from time to time...never with his name or such for the first six months. Do remember we have two other toddlers born within weeks of Little Buddy which you WILL see full facial photos...but you are NOT seeing a full facial photo of Little Buddy. 

Adoption is a process with many steps. In our state the foster/adopt process involves placement for 6 months as a foster child before there can be permanency and adoption hearings. It's all a journey. Fostering is the first step, and we are trying to get all the rules right. We've come to love him from afar this past year as we've prayed for, he, his family and the situation. This was the first opportunity for our family to love him face to face.


Anonymous said...

Foster parent here - please don’t put a picture of the little guy up that has his face (any part of his face, including the side view). He is totally identifiable in a few of the ones you have posted.

Anonymous said...

With respect, Little Buddy has been adopted into the family. They’re no longer fostering him.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oops - tried so hard and put all the full facial photos into a seperate folder so they wouldn't be used. I see two photos that show a profile the others show his head and nose and back or top of his head. I will clarify and adapt. Thanks for your graciousness as this is the first post with the rules.

And - yes, they are fostering him. I tried very hard to be accurate. They want and plan to adopt him, but the state requires 6 months of fostering before permanency hearings and adoption hearings can take place. It's a journey - a process - which includes fostering in this season.

Thanks for your grace and interest.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

AND I'll probably go back and insert the full facial photos as soon as the adoption is final. That should cover all bases.

Thanks for rejoicing with our family.

Anonymous said...

So excited for your family as you welcome Little Buddy and Noah Michael! Our Noah Michael will be 14 in October. 😊

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Anonymous - ah - what a great name! LOL Thanks for your well wishes.