Thursday, August 25, 2022

No Rain Today!

We left early this a.m. for Bible study. It wasn't raining when we got home so I spent time outside while both girls worked on school. 

Michael bought me the greatest gift - my own 12 in, battery powered he taught me how to use it. I plan to get out and do was full. 

I couldn't resist spending time in the garden. So.much.rain. Wow - lots of slugs...but the Dahlia's are great. Did I mention before I didn't realize they were perennial and planted them right in the middle of a garden bed? I planted them as seeds and figure I can try to move them in a bit or just pull them and plant more. LOL  

Dahlias and Brussel Sprouts 

Will they have enough time to produce a few meals? 
Brussel Sprouts

More peas and squash. Michael isn't impressed with these peas...he wants sweeter, sweet peas. I'll have to do some research. I let them get too big but even the tiny ones aren't as sweet as the ones he remembers. 

I pulled the pea vines. The chickens loved it! 

The pumpkins are growing...but I'm just not sure they'll have time to mature...The early variety didn't do a THING...these Connecticut ones are doing better. 

Every bit the freezer for stir fries and soups....

Allie spent the afternoon at the fair and met us at Life group. 

Stacia and I prepped our meal offering for Life group me and watched a couple of episodes of, "When Calls the Heart." 

Life group met tonight. I never got a shot of the other side of the room. humph!
Krista, the gal under the tv, proved how considerate of a friend she is when she left me sleeping in the parking lot last night. I didn't even know she'd come by the car. I sure was tired. LOL 

Nolan spent the night with Grandpa. He was happily in bed by the time we got home. 


Anonymous said...

Dahlias are winter hardy in zones 8-11 and can over winter in the ground. Zones 6-7 occasionally have success in the ground. Other zones need to have the tubers dug out, over wintered inside and then replanted in the spring.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Anonymous - We are in it sounds fine for me to have planted them in a garden bed. LOL I'll dig them out and put them somewhere new next year. Now - a newbie question. Is there a benefit to finding and digging the tuber out over starting them from seed each year like I did this year?