Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Going Solo with the Boys

I arrived at CoRielle's to find the little boys in their chairs finishing breakfast. They have haircuts and look adorable! Arielle saved their curls. 

This was my first time watching the boys solo since Little Buddy joined their family. It went well.  They didn't cry, they were interested in showing me every little thing they could get into. LOL Drawers, toilets, dressers. I had to up my Bachan game. LOL  

Little Buddy and Danny love to jump from this dinosaur onto Benny's bed. 

I remembered my mom of preschool boys skills...strapped them both in with a drink and a couple of cheddar bunnies so I could fold a load of laundry. Benny was happy to help me put the clothes away. 

We read LOTS of books. Danny and Little Buddy love books. I even got them both to say WORDS...

In no time at all Arielle was home. I think it was a successful experience. Everyone smiled and hugged her when she got home....and they smiled and hugged me when I stopped by this evening. 

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