Wednesday, September 14, 2022

More Moose

The moose came back with two of his friends. Seriously. Michael is the hero as he chased them off. The idea of buying a cross bow is looking better all the time. Though it seems rather unsporting to hunt from your back door.  They revisited this bed but trampled the flowers this time. 

They don't seem to care for the asparagus at the end of the bed, but they liked the carrot tops and threw some carrots around. 

I cleaned out the beds. I cleaned up the delicata vines. I plan to cover the beds with black plastic in prep for winter. BTW, I only found ONE delicata squash and I'm not sure it's going to mature before frost. 

I don't know if it was just a bad year for squash due to the RAIN, or if they don't grow well here. I'll probably try them one more year. 

They ate ALL the beet greens this time. It was time to harvest the beets. It was funny that they like the candy-cane swirl beets better than the Ruby Queen. So do we - but it's good to share. 

We've had several meals of beets, moose have gotten into it twice and this is our harvest. I wanted to wait longer, but I'm pretty sure with no tops, it's time to get them safely processed. 

I found about 5 Kabocha squash. I didn't look through the whole row, I hope to find more. I need to research when they are ready to harvest. We loved these in Japan. 

The moose discovered the carrots. I'd like to give them a bit longer in the group. We shall see. The left are the Japanese carrots, and the right are the Scarlet Nantes. Guess which ones we'll grow in the future. 

The bees are ALL over the flowers. 

Another layer of green in the compost bin. 

I put stuff in the lasagna bed I didn't think the chickens would eat. They STILL had a feast! I will compost what they don't eat in the next day or two. 

Ah, well....mostly they motivated me to get out there and harvest, clean up beds, get ready for winter. The DID eat all the baby greens coming up. I'm not sure I'll start more. I'm disheartened. 

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