Monday, September 19, 2022

Projects - Full Week

I'm working on projects this week. First - the beets the moose left us. I put up 30 pints. I mixed the two kinds of beets. Someone told me it's nice to have some canned potatoes for quick casseroles and mashed potatoes. I needed a couple of pints to fill a load so tried that too. I hope to have potatoes to put up in a couple of weeks. 

I put the squash and cucumbers in the fridge. Hopefully they'll keep until after conference....because the Alaska Ministry Women's Conference (Assembly of God) is this Thursday and I'm working details for transportation, lodging, surprises...all the things for our group to feel welcomed, loved and connected. 

I think the beets sucked brain cells because I simply couldn't get it all to untangle until I made a hands-on model...showing cargo space, women, vehicles and times arriving....We're in a good place now. LOL 

I'm very excited to spend a couple of days with my tribe of women. There seems to be a flu going around in our extended family. I am going! If I get it, I will stay in the Air BnB and rest better than I would here while everyone goes to conference. LOL 

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