Sunday, September 04, 2022

Weekend Glimpses

The weekend is concluding, and I've not blogged.  Here are some shots from the last couple of the order blogger threw them up. LOL 

The girls invited me to a spa night. Saturday night we did feet, face and I repaired a nail or two...while we streamed a fun show. I didn't realize these masks were in the shapes of ANIMALS...


I spent considerable time on Friday and Saturday writing a newsletter, making a fall launch slide, working on a brochure...getting ready to kick off a new ministry year. 

It's fall. The temps are dropping. The leaves are changing.  Arielle introduced me to the idea of SLIPCOVERS for pillows.  It's been fun to have some slipcovers for spring, summer and now fall. I set out candles. I have NOT set up the fall tree, or the outside decor. I'd like to get a better handle on harvesting the garden before I do that. 

I made some blueberry scones. I'd like to make some pumpkin spice and maybe something else before the fall launch. Frankly, I like to make this size and keep them in the freezer. Then I can grab one out and heat it with a cuppa chai when the mood strikes. These were a bit gummy - not sure if it was the blueberries or the sour cream. 

Church was great today. We were able to pick up a young man and give him a ride. It was great to have him in church again. His enthusiasm is contagious. We hope he's comfortable to let us continue giving him rides.  The sermon was wonderful...with lots of takeaways to ponder. 

GG fell coming out of church. That always adds excitement. He ripped a chunk of skin off his finger and the blood flowed freely for hours afterwards. 

Jamin and Jared hiked the peak. They took Jared and Larissa's dogs. Lassie got a bit tired, and Jamin carried her down. Check out the colors at the top of the peak. Jamin reports there are still berries, but the fireweed are done. 
📷by Jared

Alas, we did not save the island in this round! 

While tomorrow is a holiday, Stacia is determined to do school. We have plans to break and do some berry picking and to break and go visit a young friend's family so Stacia can begin watching her kids for her from time to time.  She was still insisting she would get school done. 

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