Sunday, October 02, 2022

Allie's Birthday Trip

Allie turned 18 back in April. Krista and Brittany gifted her with a road trip for her and a friend. I was scheduled to go along and was SO looking forward to getting up North. We've not gotten out of the valley much since we moved back up here. The plan was a road trip to Fairbanks, Chena Hot Springs and North Pole. They also sought out a hike near the springs and they were sure to visit the Santa Clause house. 

Rooms were booked. Krista bought supplies and the day finally arrived. Alas, I was too sick to go with them. They had a great time. Thanks to Allie and Krista were keeping me supplied with photos! 
Road Trip Food

An essential


Always fun when they're together


Allie & Stacia

Lunch adventures

Chena Hot Springs

Watch out!

In Santa's sleigh

Brittany, Allie, Krista, Stacia

Such a fun trip for all! Our next girl's trip will be to Maria's wedding. I need to get those details nailed down! 

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