Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Go, Stacia!

Have I shared much from Women's Conference and the words God spoke to Stacia, Allie and me? Probably not. 

Stacia has been joking about all the college things coming her way, and promptly throwing out the invites. However, after conference, her trajectory has been adjusted and now she realizes college is in her future. 

I got home to find her and a pile of mail. Seems she got a keychain, two letters and a booklet from the UA system. 

"Yeah, I'm sure it's another form letter come on, but this time they sent a keychain." 

The letters said she has been selected as a UA Scholar. She has earned a $12,000 scholarship to any of the colleges in the UA system.  

She insisted again it was a come on. I told her we've graduated four seniors in Alaska and never received this before. 

The thing convincing her it was a come on is it said she is in the top 10% of her Junior class. 

"How would they even know or compare that?" 

Um...must be you're in the top at IDEA/Galena School district? 

I think it's doubtful she'll find a program at UA - but she's much more interested in the mail now that she knows it may contain financial benefits. LOL 

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