Saturday, December 17, 2022

A Great Saturday

📷by Larissa 

The most exciting event today may well be Larissa and Jared attending childbirth classes. January is so near! I am still bummed we had to postpone the family shower we had planned for JaRissa and Noah due to illness. Larissa is so near giving birth we will do all we can to keep germs far from her....maybe we'll have to give them the gifts before the shower. LOL 

All those younger siblings paid off for Jared today as his mad child-tending skills came back. LOL 

📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

The girls and I went thrifting today. It was a very profitable day. Stacia found a great coat for me. Mine was a thrift store find 5 years ago and the zipper broke. I have been looking at retail stores but refuse to pay the exorbitant price for a coat. I've also been checking thrift stores and haven't found anything. She found one that is warm, zips AND snaps (a backup plan for future use), has big pockets and I like it - $15.  Every year I have a little gift I give the girls at our Christmas Adam Tea.  This year I'm trying very hard to stay in a budget and pare back spending....and so I did not want to spend the $350 I spent last year on the gifts....I found all I needed at thrift stores. I found the same thing in two DIFFERENT thrift stores. LOL I spent $15. I also bought a verity of containers I need for another gift I plan to work on.... Allie found a sweater, jeans and a jacket. Stacia found a jacket she's been looking for for months. 

Look at all the snow in town. If WE have a hard time figuring out where to put it all - the task is nearly impossible in a city neighborhood.  You can see the girl's (and their families) homes are about snowed under. LOL 
Happy Anniversary to CoRielle

This is a SPLIT level house and look how far up the steps and door frame the snow has gotten. 

Michael took Stacia out for some winter driving education. They brought pizza home for dinner. I harvested a batch of kombucha and started the next batch fermenting. The last batch I made was simply the starter tea, peach syrup and home canned apple juice. Everyone liked it, Michael mentioned missing the red juices. The rest of us really liked I made another batch and added pomegranate juice to the mix this time. We are making a gallon at a time rather than 2 gal at a time and that is working well. 

We settled in to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and DryBar comedy skits. 
Yes, I KNOW she's on the wrong side - I 
wanted it for the photo. 

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