Sunday, December 04, 2022

Adulting in Alaska

We went to Anchorage after church to get a car for Allie. She and Michael have been shopping, researching, making calls, talking with mechanics... Today it finally worked out for the buyer to meet us.  Alex watched GG, who did NOT want to drive to Anchorage. The girls, Michael and I headed to the big town, tested the car and got lunch. 

Everything checked out, Mike and Allie will run up tomorrow and exchange cash for car. The banks are closed today. It will be a great little car for Allie. 

We are proud of Allie. This is a well-thought-out decision. Luke and Krista gave Krista's car to the girls, but they are on vastly different schedules and going different directions. Stacia loves the Vibe and the stick.  She is looking at being overseas in 4 - 6 years and the Vibe suits her just fine for the amount of time she will be here. Allie will be stateside and would be happier with an automatic and a few more winter safety features. This is a sweet car... Y'all seat WARMERS for the LEATHER seats...and all the winter safety features as well. WARM.SEATS. I plan to always be a passenger in Allie's car. 

She paid next semester's tuition, we'll split the expense of the car 65/35, and she'll still have cash in her emergency fund and enough to register, get insurance and operate the car while she saves up for the next semester. 

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