Monday, January 23, 2023

Allie Knocks it Out of the Park!

 I love this series of photos! 

Allie's second semester of college has begun. New classes with a heavier workload (or maybe it's just new subject matter), new is never really confident (or sure) what a new prof WANTS with the assignments.  Allie turned in her first response paper in Apologetics and waited, and waited, to see what the professor would say. 

Her phone dinged in the middle of family dinner. 

ACK! Her paper's been graded! 
I seem to be far more confident than Allie in her ability. 

Ninety-six percent!!! Impressive! 

Wait! There's more! 100% on GRAMMAR and SPELLING! All those papers covered with red ink in her Junior and Senior years paid off! I couldn't be prouder of Allie and Michael (the bestower of red ink). 

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