Saturday, January 21, 2023

January's Family Celebration

This month's birthday celebrants are Jared, Annie and me. Jared couldn't make our celebration, so I asked Stacia to make a cake sure to thrill Annie. She didn't disappoint. 

Some voiced surprise that I'm turning 59 this week. I told them I understand, but I am married to a 62 yo man so I must have aged a bit along the way too. 

Carrie, Izaak, Jamin, Nolan, Luke and Krista (and kids), and Jared and Larissa were all unable to attend this month. We still required 3 tables to set the 19 of us. 

Aunt Stacia got to hold Trudy for the first time today. 

Little Buddy began to visit our place in late June/July. He joined CoRielle's family in August and attended his first family celebration. He's always been a doll. That first family dinner he kept his hands over his ears much of the night. It was fun tonight to note the hands only went over the ears when we began to sing...and he danced around while he covered his ears. "I'm not sure what's up with these people but they seem to like to sing to the food." 
Uncle Josiah with armfulls of 2 yo

Crazy people - sweet smile on this face

We've all had a blast getting to interact and know Josiah (Jojo) in the past few months. He's a cuddle bug.  While the other kids run from GG, he ran and jumped up into GG's lap. 

Yes, there could be a tad bit of rivalry between Little Buddy and Danny, but there is also a whole lot of playing and working together as well. Here they have cooperated together to steal GG's walker. 

Cy and Liv brought a meat and cheese tray....Danny perfected his skills and nonchalantly snatched food at will. Maybe he's observed GG's technique at buffets.  

Little Buddy was fascinated with the gingerbread houses the kids made on NYE. 

Papa and Little Buddy are building a fun relationship. Here Papa is teaching him to smell with his nose and not his hands. LOL 

It was a surprise to find Little Buddy leading the living room race! 

During a lull in the racing, I suggested Twister. We have gone through several Twister sets in our family life. Krista finally made us this cloth set. We had a spinner but couldn't find it today. That left the kids at the mercy of Aunt Arielle. 

Hello Trudy! 2 months old now

Aunt Allie wrapped Liv into a burrito, while Aunt Stacia corralled the rest at the table with playdough. 

Quite a group

Danny had to taste the playdough. 

"I made a bomb!"

We ended the night with a rousing game of Hungry, Hungry Dinos...

Jamin missed the evening to attend a Keller Williams Dinner.  At the dinner he was honored as one of their Top Producers for the year! His sales went up against whole groups of realtors! We're pretty proud of him. He sold just over 13 million this year. A side note - yes commission is at about 3% of sales, but out of that comes all business expenses, brokerage fees, paying his employees etc. It was not his take home pay. LOL  Way to go, Jamin! 
That's our boy! 

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