Thursday, March 02, 2023

Bre/Trudy's Baby Shower

What a sweet angel. Trudy is 3 1/3 months old!  Bre sent this darling photo and it sparked a memory....I need to blog her BABY SHOWER.... Join with me as we look back to Oct 28, 2022.  Lindsey and I wanted to bless BreAnne and a baby shower seemed the way to go! The thing is...time was getting close to Trudy's arrival, then folks were traveling, then everyone got sick...Yikes...but we pulled it off. LOL  It turned out to be a wonderful evening. Lindsey did the decorations, I did the food, Stacia did the cake and Arielle and Allie did the games! 

📷by Lindsey 

I loved the lights down here. It made the room feel much more welcoming. 
📷by Lindsey 

It was a great night of games, food, gifts, fellowship and fun. 

Allie made the pretzel rods

Bre and Lindsey 

Jenni and Stacia 

Stacia made the cake 


Jess, Krista and Ceceilia

Rebekah and Allie

Lindsey shared some words about Trudy and our hopes for her....

We circled up and prayed 

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