Thursday, March 16, 2023

Spring Study and More

The girls went into Anchorage today to spend the day and evening with Krista. As Stacia won't be available Friday morning, she joined Allie and I this morning for Breakfast Study. All three of us had a few "lightbulb" moments this week. We are currently working through, "Lord, Is It Warfare? Teach Me To Stand," by Kay Arthur. This week led to new and deeper understandings of Jesus as our redeemer. Good stuff. 

Michael and the girls left for their various appointments and errands when we got home. Dad seems to be fighting a bug on top of shingles - but it's pretty hard to pin down. He talked with a lot of his friends on the phone and that always makes him happy. By evening he was insisting he feels fine. 

I lit a candle, pulled out my lists and ingredients and spent the afternoon in my happy place. I made deviled eggs and an ice cream cake for Saturday's celebration.  Then I made brownies and muffins for a friend who just had a baby. Next up was Chicken Pot Pie - one for friend's dinner and one for Michael, Dad and Me. 

All in all it was quietly productive afternoon and I feel much more prepared for the upcoming couple of days...which will include friends, outings and a family celebration. 

Larissa sent some Noah shots...and you know...since I haven't shared any photos in the last day or two of sweet Noah...HERE YOU GO!   He will be 8 weeks old this Saturday. 
Hello, sweetie! 

Look at those eyelashes!

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