Saturday, April 15, 2023

April's Family Celebration

April's family celebration featured Bella and Allie's birthdays! Bella is into Bunnies this year...and Stacia made a Bunny cake magically appear. Our celebrations officially begin after naps (about 3) and we aim to eat around 4. This allows for time to visit and STILL get home at a decent hour as Sundays are busy for all...Unofficially, Gherkins begin showing up around 11:00 a.m. 

We love the early visits...and quite often we have a job or two for early arrivers to pitch in and help with.  We've been working to find solutions for the racetrack which develops with 10 kids and a zillion adults trying to socialize in the "open concept" living, dining room.  We had hoped kids would be able to play outside this

April 15, 2023 Garden spot is still under snow

CyRi set about helping the girls and I turn the basement area into a play area. We moved furniture over to create a barrier to the freezer, kitchen stuff, laundry room and exercise equipment. Josiah assembled the playpen in the foreground. We thought it may work better as a fort. BTW, throughout the rest of the winter the S boys were happy to have this set up downstairs as a fort. 

As we continued working inside, we heard unexpected noises...Michael and Josiah were clearing paths in the snow. I don't think there could be a better Papa and Uncle than these two. By the time the kids arrived there were clear paths from our backdoor, to the play structure. 

Mike makes use of the snowblower...Cy shoveled behind him

CoRielle showed up early. Arielle brought snow clothes and they enjoyed some time outside. They are participating in a challenge to spend hours outside every day. I can't remember how many hours in a year, but I know it encourages daily time outside to reach the goal. I love the goal. 

The kids quickly realized if you went off the path, you sunk - deep and quickly. 

Uncle Cy came out and a snowball fight quickly ensued. 

Benny @ the bottom of the slide

Liv  - full of spunk and beauty, inside and out

It's cold! 

The boys were quick to help with clean up. 

We've watched a set of twins recently. They were in sync with one another, individuals and yet a team, heading in one direction.  I had a good discussion with their mom, a mom of twin 6 yo girls. She said she thinks twin girls would be easier than twin boys and agreed it gets a bit easier once the foundational years of 2 and 3 are in the bag.  I realize, these boys don't naturally have that "twin connection," though they are a month apart in age. Little Buddy was raised an only child until last July. Danny was raised the baby. They often are pulling in opposite directions... I am in awe of how Cory and Arielle work to meet the needs of all 3 boys. Moments like this show that while the twin connection isn't a natural for these two, they ARE developing the brother connection. They DO work together at times. While it is hard it is very good. CoRielle are building a future and a are all our Gherkins with children.

BreZaak arrived. Izaak had a lull in his master's program and was able to join us. It was great to have him. Nolan and Allie have been asking for, and receiving the Saturday off...KrUke weren't able to join us due to travel, and JaRissa didn't make it as Jared was ill. Everyone else was here and it was good.

There is always a bit of hesitation when Papa pulls out the blow torch. 
Seven candles for Bella 

It's safe...and she's happy with her Bunny. 

Bella and Allies - 7 and 19. 
Gideon, Benny, Bella, Allie and Josiah (Jojo)

There were a few gifts! Cousins & sibs are always willing to help. 
Benny, Annie, Bella, Gideon and Danny - Little Buddy to left

Annie's expressions are priceless

Benny, Allie, Carrie, Liv and Gideon in front

Uncle Alex with Trudy - 5 months
📷by Carrie

Uncle Nolan with Trudy - 5 months
📷by Carrie

The playroom downstairs worked well. We had playdough, the toys, the playpen, puzzles and games. Adults took 20 min turns two at a time downstairs. This allowed for more conversations both downstairs and upstairs. It also allowed adults to play games. The kids have to be happier with a bit more direction. Maybe next month we can move outside - which we all love. 

📷by Carrie

📷by Carrie

📷by Carrie

📷by Carrie


Bre found old pictures which the kids were fascinated to view. I need to work on getting the photo albums organized. I texted some of Jared to Jared and Larissa. 
Bre - Gideon, Bella and Livie

"The Fort" is a big hit. The vision is it providing a safe space outside for Trudy and Noah in a couple of months. 

Our 3 two year old boys - precious cargo! 

Nolan, Stacia, Allie, Liv, Jamin, Carrie

I am happy to post these memories, BEFORE May's celebration. 

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