Saturday, April 01, 2023

Benny's Graduation

 No - we haven't typically done Kinder graduations. Not because we have anything against them. We simply haven't. This year, however, Benny has had a lot of changes and is looking at more upcoming changes. Cory and Arielle felt he could use a bit of loving affirmation and they asked if they could come over to the house with a cake and such to celebrate. We were game.  CyRi and JaRissa asked about coming out and were happy to join the celebration.  Which is how we ended up having an unexpected day of fun. 

Danny and Little Buddy are also educational enthusiasts. Having Livie read to them made it even BETTER. 

Benny was suitably impressed with the cake his mom made and the leaning beeswax candle I supplied. 

Nolan met Noah - Jared and Larissa's little guy! 

My heart! We sure love these grands. 

Noah and Papa...such a doll. Both of them. 

We had to get outside...look at all that snow in APRIL! 

Stacia and the twinkies

Papa and the boys! 

How many little ones get to take the nurse home???

Blogging from a vantage  point of 6 weeks in the future....I can't help but being so grateful to live close enough for so many of the kids and their families to just DROP IN. We are blessed. 

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