Monday, May 29, 2023

A Sweet Day

Nathan, Jennifer, Me, Arielle, Benny, Chaplain G
📷by Jennifer

We're off the beaten path up here and we don't often get friends from our military life "dropping in." Imagine our excitement when we found out Nathan and Jennifer are going to Eielsen AFB to "mc" a retirement ceremony. I'm hoping their camera produced a clearer shot than this one- and I'll sub it if it does. Ah, the memories. We thoroughly enjoyed catching up, talking about retirement, hashing out the best way to reach our culture and the younger generations. Jennifer and I shared together on the PWOC leadership team (women's ministry) at Beale AFB. When we moved, she took over as the President/leader of the group. It was so great to see them, remember what God did in those 25 years and look ahead to what he is doing now and in the future in all of our lives.   In an odd twist we discovered they know the Sgt who is working with Krista...he came into our last assignment just as we left.  AND she was telling me about the woman who leads their church's women's ministry. She said she thought she and I had much in common...even to serving in PWOC when we were USAF spouses. Imagine the surprise when Harmony was sharing her testimony and Jennifer realized our son had married their previous daughter in law, and our lovely Livie is Harmony's Livie too. God is so very good...and every once in a while, we get to see a bit of the intricate tapestry he weaves from what we see as tangled times. 

As we drove up our road, we noted a white truck in front of us. It turned into our driveway. It was Krista and Luke. Another surprise afternoon visit. Krista is just home from her time in Hawaii, Guam and Typhoon Mawar. We enjoyed hearing her stories, watching video clips, catching up with feels like it's been a long time since we were able to sit and visit with Luke and Krista. They brought some brauts. We ran to the store and bought a few other things and had a Braut Burn at home. 

Millie loves to play with Reno. He's the only dog we aren't worried she will kill or be killed by. She is a covid puppy and not very social. We keep trying. Reno obviously will not be hurt by her, and he is a gentle giant. 

They were having a great time romping in the yard; we let them both off leash. We nearly had a disaster when a moose came into the yard. We didn't notice the moose until someone driving by honked. Ah....those dogs were determined to get the moose and the moose was riled. Reno came right back when called, and Millie looked like she was going to and then she simply couldn't help herself and charged back up to tell the moose a thing or two. Reno then ran and got between her and the moose. We finally got them both to listen, and the situation diffused. 

We didn't get a single bit of work done today, but it was a refreshing day. It was just sweet to sit and remember...and then to sit and cheer a new generation of military ministers on. 

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