Saturday, May 20, 2023

Puzzle Mania

 Benny did some extra chores to earn some money, went to the thrift store and bought Stacia this puzzle with his own money. She brought it out in April and enlisted Dad's help. Dad's never been a puzzle enthusiast, but he did spend lots of time with this puzzle over the month. 

April 18th 

If the truth were known, Michael and Stacia put together the bulk of this puzzle. We quickly discovered it was much bigger than we thought it was....the big table took up quite a bit of space upstairs...

April 19th 

April 23rd

A funny thing about the process is that Dad often sat down and decided that "he'd put things in the wrong place," and undid the work Michael did late at night. 

May 1st

With snow still on the ground, this project kept us engaged inside the house. LOL 

May 8th 

May 19th 

And finally, a month after it was started it was finished. We are still not sure where it is going. Stacia planned to put it on her wall, but didn't envision it being this big. We may pass it on...

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