Thursday, May 18, 2023

Study, Tires and T-ball

Allie and I headed to a local cafe for today's Bible study. We were a bit "off" and spent most of our time talking about things other than the study. That's o.k. It happens. 

Michael and I gave one of Allie's co-workers a ride to work today. It was fun to meet him and to help him out a bit. 

Michael has been busy fixing a leaky faucet...Stacia crumb coated a cake...Allie is at work. I can't remember what I did with the day...I got five meals in the freezer for Dad and I'm not sure what else I did. I kept busy.  

As we were eating the front door opened. Alex was here to stay with GG while we went out for life group....this isn't life group week. LOL He stayed and visited. It was fun to catch up with all the new happenings in his life. He and Nolan moved out a couple of weeks ago. 

Michael offered to help Alex switch over his tires while he was here. 

We ordered a T-ball stand on Monday night. We were sad it wouldn't be here for Saturday's family celebration. LOOK what came today! We are praying the rain doesn't interfere with our plans to spend time in the yard. 

Dad is ready for bed. Michael is working on a puzzle. Stacia and I may stream something....tomorrow I'd love to get the outside Christmas and winter decorations down now that the snow is gone. We'll see. 

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