Saturday, June 03, 2023

Cleaning Party

Summer may finally be arriving. We celebrated by having a cleaning party. ::grin:: We had a blast. Joelle and Jenni were just the spark of fun we needed to finish our list of tasks. 

I KNOW the lighting is off - but I sort of like the mood. ::snort::  We just have a few quick jobs left to finish - which I will take care of next week.  I think this photo is super cute and I have to share just never knows where they'll find BGMC treasure! Joelle won the prize for finding MONEY while cleaning. We decided to put it into the BGMC barrels tomorrow. 

The conversation and laughter were great, but taking a tea break in the midst of the dusty afternoon...was priceless. I sat on the couch and remembered past tea with Lindsey and made new memories. Seasons, rhythms...look at me trying to seem like I embrace change. ::snort:: 

Not everyone can have a super fun cleaning party to celebrate summer's arrival. Some have to settle for taking their son on his first Alaskan hike. ::wink:: 
Jared and Noah📷by Larissa

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