Sunday, June 18, 2023

Gorgeous Day for a Picnic

 Today is the day we always remember the passing of Dad G. It was early on Father's Day 11 years ago when we got the news Dad G had passed away. We were in Japan at the time. We always take a bit of time to reflect on his life and his legacy on Father's Day. Michael preached today. It was a good on one don't and three do-s based on Eph 6:4 (And Eph 5:21 before that). 

Stacia did her first week of teaching in children's church - and it went well. 

After service we headed over to a local park for a picnic. A huge shout and thank you to Daniel and Joelle who reserved the pavilion AND brought the grill. We all brought what we wanted to grill and a side of some sort to share.  

We could not have asked for better weather. It was gorgeous! It was the nicest day we've had all summer. In fact, I would say it's only the 2nd day of summer weather we've had. LOL  It was a great day out and about with some fantastic people. 

Joelle and Melany

Dad commented its the first church picnic he's gone to where he didn't have to cook! ::Snort:: He enjoyed himself - except for when he was ratted out sneaking cookies. LOL 

Checkers anyone? 
Lorelei and Stacia

Nora got a game going with the kids. 
Go, Hudson! 

Michael and Noah played Frisbee and then catch....Danny joined them a bit later, but I didn't get a photo. 

We were prepared for skeeters. Miachel has the table- top Thermacell. I have one I wear on my belt...even when I'm going out to sit on the deck or work in the garden. 

Kaleah brought these little coils which smoke. 

Swing Brigade

Daniel is a great grill-master! 

This was such a fun afternoon! We've been talking about taking a picnic lunch to church - like they used to in the Little House days.  There is a beautiful field to picnic in...and maybe others would join impromptu gathering in the field. We haven't as it's been raining most Sundays.  I will be gone next week - but I think we are going to just start planning on picnicing in the field. There is something delightful about being outside together. 

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