Monday, June 12, 2023

Krista's Medal Presentation

I woke Dad up at 0615 today. I needed to get his morning routine finished before Michael and I left the house. Stacia stayed home with him, and we went to JBER in Anchorage to see Krista receive her first Air Force Commendation medal (I think it's her first). 

We found out she'll be getting another one in the upcoming months, so we'll be able to do it again. It was sort of fun to be back in our familiar environment. We can't take Dad because the building is not ADA and there are three long flights of stairs to climb. 

After the presentation, Krista's commander told her to go spend time with her family. She accompanied us to the People Center where we took care of some ID and DEERS issues. 

We got home with an hour to spare. I spent the time working on the church's website issue...Allie went to work; Stacia and I went to the dentist and Michael stayed with GG. 

This evening Michael and I had a dinner with the church board and minister team leaders.

Stacia and GG stayed home and watched Ratoullie. 

It was a full day - and tomorrow will be busier. 

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