Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Tea and Scones with Bre...


Bre's older three kids are at VBS this week. Bre is out and about enjoying the ease of moving around with a toddler and a baby in a car seat. She asked me if she and the kids could drop by while the older ones were at VBS. ALWAYS. 

Bre said she was stopping for coffee and asked if she could bring me something. Yep - always - a skinny, sugar free CHAI. Oh yeah. This made me think I needed to whip up some scones. I like to bake, wrap and freeze them. They are ready anytime a cuppa and a scone are called for. This time I made a dozen blueberry and a dozen chocolate chips. 

Jojo was happy to have a chocolate chip scone - as was his mommy. Bre and I enjoyed a nice talk as I continue to process and work through my Post Reunion blues. I didn't expect this. I still tear up as I share my revelations or talk about my peeps. I will blog the weekend - soon. But I may as well not get behind in the day-to-day stuff while I wait to find the words to share. 

OH! This afternoon Stacia was playing with Millie after VBS and heard from one of the favorite local cafes they would like her to start work - tomorrow. Further investigation showed it's not a good fit for her...but it is a huge confidence boost to be called back. 

This evening was youth and ladies Bible study. This is our last study until fall.  I asked the question "What are you seeking from Jesus?" and then promptly went on to overshare...about how I learned much about myself this weekend... like WHY I overshare. ::face plant::

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